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Howland Hook Marine Terminal

Northern New Jersey<br style='line-height:2px'>Port Authority of New York & New Jersey

As part of our on-call contract with The Port Authority of New York & New Jersey, HAKS performed condition inspections of various facilities at the Howland Hook Marine Terminal in Staten Island. Structures included the Richmond Terrace and Central Crossway Bridges, four facility buildings totaling approximately 208,000 square feet of floor space and 44 high-mast light towers. The extremely active site mandated a high level of coordination between the inspection team and lift equipment vendors to ensure site safety and expedite project delivery.

Inspection of the high-mast light towers required the use of a 125-foot-high lift. Ultrasonic readings were taken to verify the thickness of tower base plates. Detailed in-depth inspections—including 100% visual and 10% hands on—were conducted of all structural items to locate and document deficiencies.  Several immediate action repairs were recommended and confirmed when completed.  Building facades and roofs were included in addition to interior structural elements. The results formed the basis of our repair recommendations as presented in the inspection report.  Deficiencies were listed in order of priority in four categories as defined by PANYNJ: immediate, priority, safety and routine. HAKS inspectors also documented the status of previous priority repairs and safety items and evaluated their condition at the time of our inspection.

We reported our findings in a Comprehensive Condition Inspection Report and prepared drawings that showed all deficiencies, their locations, proposed repairs and other required information.