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South Brooklyn Marine Terminal Reconstruction

Brooklyn, New York<br style='line-height:2px'>New York City Economic Development Corporation

HAKS provided REI services to the New York City Economic Development Corporation for the reconstruction of a $50 million project on the South Brooklyn waterfront to prepare this major shipping terminal for significantly increased future use by maritime tenants. This major rail infrastructure project consists of four separate construction contracts:

  • Infrastructure improvements to South Brooklyn Marine Terminal (SBMT), including electric substations, lighting and fiber-optic upgrades, demolishing and upgrading the J Building, and site paving and drainage.
  • Rail extension to Sims Municipal Recycling Facility, including 6,500 linear feet of new railroad track installation, site drainage and pavement.
  • Rehabilitation of the main track at West Brooklyn Army Terminal, including the replacement of 8,000 linear feet of railroad track and side pavement. 
  • S-Curve elimination and rail reconstruction, which included replacement of 5,000 linear feet of railroad track and turnouts; replacement of 12- and 20-inch water mains; 12-inch ductile iron pipe (DIP) combined sewer; 30- to 48-inch DIP high-level storm sewer; replacement of 10,000 cubic yards of contaminated soil; relocation and upgrade of private utilities on 1st Avenue and 39th Street.

One of several critical issues was removal of contaminated soil for the S-Curve project. Soil was tested in advance via test pits and disposed of according to NYCDEC environmental requirements. Coordination with Industry City and various stakeholders, including city agencies, private utility owners and lessees of SBMT property was critical to timely completion of the project.

HAKS conducted value engineering reviews of each project and assisted with agency approvals, provided quantity take-offs and cost estimation for bidding, and assisted with contractor procurement and bid analysis. We also developed alternate bid items to ensure that critical portions of the project could be constructed. HAKS also provided topographic survey services on an as-needed basis to mitigate field issues during construction.