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Port Elizabeth Marine Terminal Condition Surveys


HAKS performed condition inspections of Buildings 1100, 1150, 1400, 1900, 2350 and 2360 at the Port Authority Marine Terminal in Port Elizabeth as part of an on-call contract. Inspections comprised approximately 550,000 square feet of occupied space housing warehouses, offices and utility structures. Access was achieved by scissor lifts, ladders and walking. 

Detailed in-depth inspections—including 100% visual and 10% hands on—were conducted of all structural items to document any deficiencies. Building facades and roofs were included in addition to interior structural elements. The results formed the basis of our repair recommendations in the inspection report, which we listed in order of priority in the four categories defined by PANYNJ: immediate, priority, safety and routine. HAKS’ inspectors documented the status of previous priority repairs and safety items, and evaluated their conditions at the time of our inspections. 

We reported our findings in a comprehensive condition inspection report. We prepared drawings that showed all deficiencies, their locations, proposed repairs and other required information.