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Park Avenue Tunnel Reconstruction

New York City<br style='line-height:2px'>NYC Department of Transportation

HAKS provided design and surveying services for replacement of the drainage system within the heavily traveled Park Avenue Tunnel in midtown Manhattan. The project was part of the complete rehabilitation of the 100-year-old tunnel administered by the New York City Department of Transportation.  

The existing drainage system within the tunnel was in poor condition, with damaged sewer mains and completely clogged catch basins. Leaks in the tunnel roof contributed to increased stormwater infiltration. Temporary gutters were installed on each side of the tunnel arch spring line to catch the leaking stormwater and direct it to inlets in the tunnel roadway. 

HAKS evaluated drainage patterns and analyzed the capacity of the current system to accommodate stormwater and fire flows, before making any recommendations for replacing the drainage system. A hydrologic surface runoff model was prepared within the project limits. Several alternatives were analyzed based on potential roadway cross slope improvements. The presence of a 138-kV electrical main within the tunnel roadway necessitated extensive utility agency coordination before a mutually agreeable solution could be attained. The new drainage system consists of new catch basins, sewer mains and connections as per NYCDEP standards. 

Our in-house survey crews performed a complete topographic survey of the tunnel and approaches using GPS and conventional surveying methods.   Comprehensive ROW and utility mapping as well as tunnel clearance surveys were also performed.