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LIRR Babylon Train Wash Facility

Babylon, New York<br style='line-height:2px'>Long Island Rail Road

The Babylon Train Wash Facility replaced the existing train wash to augment the only other LIRR train wash in operation, which is located in Ronkonkoma. In addition to maintaining the appearance of the trains, the $25.5 million fully automated facility is designed to help prevent corrosion, thereby extending the life of the cars. HAKS provided construction inspection, resident engineering and office engineering services under an on-call contract with the LIRR. The facility was financed with federal stimulus funds through the Federal Transit Administration. 

A masonry equipment building houses the controls, pumps, reclaimed/recycled wash water, wastewater and storage tanks for the train wash. The train wash bay, a steel/corrugated siding structure consisting of precast track slab concrete foundations, houses the wash water collection system and train wash equipment. The facility features green construction such as solar power-derived energy and a wash water treatment/recycling system. 

Work included the demolition of the existing structure and construction of the new 21- by 180-foot masonry building and a 26- by 282-foot steel building to house the train wash components. Work was performed adjacent to and on live tracks and consisted of installation of new mechanical equipment as well as a new sewer line discharge from the facility to the existing sewer, which was processed through a water treatment system prior to discharge. Automated features include programmer logic controllers and human machine interface with touch screen to allow manual and override control. 

Runoff from the trains was a concern due to the facility’s location in proximity to Sumpwams Creek. To prevent any contamination, a water collection system was installed beneath the tracks that collects the detergent/runoff and directs it back to the facility for treatment and appropriate discharge.