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Broadway Reconstruction from Ann to Rector Streets

New York City<br style='line-height:2px'>New York City Department of Design and Construction

HAKS provided REI to NYCDDC for the reconstruction of Broadway from Ann to Rector Streets. NYCDDC managed this federally funded $51 million project on behalf of the NYCDEP and utility operators.  The project encompassed replacement and upgrade of 12- and 20-inch water mains; rehabilitation of sewers; replacement of curbs, sidewalks, fire alarms, street lights, and traffic signals; roadway restoration; removal of trolley tracks; and tree mitigation.

Excavation of the roadway to a depth of 5 feet avoided unforeseen problems, and abandoned facilities were removed to create space in the congested road bed. We coordinated with local utility companies for replacement/relocation of conduits, chambers, gas mains, steam lines, etc. Due to the area’s landmark status, existing granite curbs and pigmented sidewalks were replicated.  HAKS implemented a state-of-the-art project management information system to provide 24/7 access to project data from any location.

Access to businesses and subway entrances was accomplished by strictly enforcing the MPT plan and using flag persons and traffic enforcement agents 24/7 to direct the high volume of pedestrian and vehicular traffic safely around the construction zone. With the subway directly under Broadway, installation of necessary utility facilities was a challenge.

Weekly status reports were provided to the community, and command center meetings determined how to accommodate all ongoing projects in the area.