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Grand Street Trunk Water Main


This critical, $40 million HAKS-led REI joint venture project was completed six months ahead of schedule and $26 million under budget.  The joint venture provided REI for the reconstruction of water mains and utility infrastructure along Grand Street from Broadway to Essex. A major element of the project was connection to Shaft 30B of City Water Tunnel No. 3 at the intersection of Grand and Lafayette.

Subsurface work included installation of a 36-inch steel trunk water main running east-west along the north side of Grand Street and a 20-inch DIP main running east-west along the south side of Grand Street to provide significantly improved water quality, pressure, and system maintainability.

The entire system of distribution water mains was also replaced and upgraded. Sewers were cleaned, video inspected, evaluated and, where necessary, replaced, gunited, or lined with cast-in-place pipes; substandard catch basins were upgraded; and private utilities were installed and upgraded, including replacement of the entire system of distribution gas piping and new electrical and communication ducts and chambers.

Challenges included work in the vicinity of active subways; non-functioning water main valves; underground building vaults extending into city streets; a high density of secondary electrical and communication lines (many undocumented); abandoned, heavily reinforced trolley track foundations; coordination and communication with diverse neighborhoods; the need to shut water supply to over 30 restaurants simultaneously; a high volume of pedestrian and vehicular traffic; and scheduling around neighborhood events.

The project received a 2018 ACEC New York Platinum Award and 2017 CMAA Metro New York/New Jersey Project of the Year Award.