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NYSDOT Region 11 Construction Inspection

New York City<br style='line-height:2px'>New York State Department of Transportation

HAKS is providing Construction Inspection services under a term agreement with the New York State Department of Transportation (NYSDOT) for major highways and bridges in Region 11. Under the 40-month contract, HAKS will supplement NYSDOT staff on various construction projects throughout the five boroughs.

Bridge replacement/rehabilitation includes substructure and superstructure repairs; repair/replacement of bridge decks, overlays, joints, bearings, sidewalks, railing, fencing, overhead lighting, signs and scuppers, and bridge painting and cleaning. Highway projects include earthwork; drainage; storm water management; pavement milling; joint repair; crack sealing; asphalt and concrete paving; pavement markings; intersection improvements; sidewalks; retaining walls; lighting; traffic signals; intelligent transportation systems equipment installation; sign structure replacement; and maintenance or installation of appurtenances such as noise barriers, guide railings, median barriers and fencing.

The contract also provides compliance specialists to monitor/audit the region’s construction contracts to ensure compliance with NYSDOT civil rights compliance requirements; submit reports upon completion of contract audits; and utilize the Equitable Business Opportunities program as needed.