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Fulton Street Reconstruction, Phase 2

New York City<br style='line-height:2px'>New York City Department of Design and Construction

HAKS is inspecting the second phase of the reconstruction of Fulton Street in Lower Manhattan, an NYCDDC joint bid project that is being built at a cost of $28.2 million. Project limits run along Fulton Street east of the World Trade Center site from Church to South Streets and on Nassau Street from Fulton to Spruce Streets. 

The project is replacing 800 feet of combined sewers 15 to 48 inches in diameter, manholes, and catch basins; 4,300 feet of 20- and 24-inch-diameter steel trunk water mains; rehabilitating and/or removing and replacing existing sanitary sewers 12 to 36 inches in diameter; installing 7,500 feet of new granite curb and 102,000 square feet of pigmented landmark concrete sidewalk; and installing, upgrading or repairing 34,000 feet of private utility electric and telecommunication conduit; 10,000 feet of NYCT ducts, traffic signals, street lighting and fire alarm systems; and reconstructing roadway pavement along Fulton and Nassau Streets. 

The most challenging aspect of the project is that it is a joint bid project, where the utility operator is performing capital work under the construction contract. Extensive coordination among all parties is key to the project’s success. Additional challenges include the many commercial, residential and institutional facilities surrounding the site and the heavy vehicular and pedestrian traffic traversing it daily. Our inspectors closely monitor the sidewalk reconstruction and sidewalk vaults to ensure compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act and to enable pedestrian safety and access to buildings. 

HAKS instituted a public information outreach program that notifies the local community board, residents and businesses of upcoming construction activities; responds to complaints; and raises public awareness of the project and its benefits.