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Benjamin Franklin Bridge 2016 Biennial Inspection


HAKS performed a biennial inspection of this Delaware River Port Authority suspended signature structure connecting Camden, NJ, with Philadelphia, PA.  The bridge carries seven lanes of Interstate 676/U.S. Route 30; two PATCO rail lines; and two elevated pedestrian walkways over the Delaware River. At the time of completion in 1926, the bridge’s 1,750-foot span was the world’s longest for a suspension bridge, a distinction it held for three years.

The inspection focused on accessing critical areas of the bridge (some fracture-critical members required 100% hands-on inspections) within the suspended spans and both NJ and PA approach structures. It included the main cables, suspended ropes, stiffening trusses, floor systems, deck, towers, anchorages, piers, and abutments. Extensive MPT was required to inspect above-deck elements and street-level sections of the approaches. The inspection featured non-destructive testing of the pin-hanger assemblies at the towers and the deck truss approach spans, sign gantries, toll booth access tunnel, noise barriers, high-mast lighting, and ground-level standpipe and miscellaneous electrical inspections.  The project required diving inspections, and side-scanning sonar imaging monitored changing conditions with increased accuracy.