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Throgs Neck Bridge 2015-2016 Biennial Inspection and Miscellaneous Repairs


HAKS performed the 2015 biennial inspection and 2016 special inspection of the Throgs Neck Bridge for MTA Bridges & Tunnels, including the main bridge plus two ramp structures (Queens Side) and a structure below the toll plaza (Bronx Side). Five inspection teams accessed the structure via bucket trucks, 80- and 120-foot manlifts, climbing, rope, and underbridge inspection vehicles. Due to significant traffic during daytime hours, nighttime inspections were performed as necessary.

The primary focus during the field inspections was the condition of the main cables, which required 100% hands-on inspection of all visible cable strands in the suspension bridge anchorages for wire breaks and corrosion.  Six suspender ropes per cable (a total of 12) were inspected for the full length utilizing rappelling techniques. HAKS updated the MTA’s UBEIS database, including incorporation of AASHTO element-level inspection quantities.