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Resident Engineering and Inspection

Effectively managing a project’s technical issues and complexities depends on REI staff experienced in street, highway and bridge reconstruction work in heavily traveled work zones; construction staging; complex work zone traffic control; night work; and active communities.

Our REI services ensure the quality of the contractor’s work in accordance with the contract plans and specifications. HAKS’ services include pre-construction meetings, detailed inspection, on-site testing of materials, field measurements and data collection for submitting monthly and final construction estimates, progress reports and preparation of record plans and progress closeout.  HAKS keeps project records and documentation in accordance with our individual clients’ needs.  Our staff proactively helps to achieve timely completion of every project by monitoring the adequacy of the contractor’s personnel, equipment, material supplies and critical path method schedule.  In addition, proposed field changes are investigated, sketched and forwarded to the client with our recommendations.  With client approval, we initiate negotiations with the contractor on change orders and time-related claims.