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Laser Scanning Surveys

HAKS employs laser scanning technology to perform 3D scans of infrastructure such as streets, highways, bridges, tunnels, railway tracks, toll plazas and other applications. One of the main benefits of this technology is that objects can be observed remotely, often eliminating the need to close lanes and thereby reducing costs and, more importantly, providing increased safety for work crews and the public.

Laser scanning is also becoming an essential tool for building renovation, historic preservation and building inspection. The technology can reproduce a building when as-built drawings are not available and can complete many components of a visual inspection in a fraction of the time and with greater detail.

We have recently added Mobile LiDAR to our land surveying and mapping service portfolio.  Similar to 3D laser scanning, Mobile LiDAR enables us to scan and collect topographic data from a moving vehicle at normal speed limits. Miles of topographic data of streets and roadways can be collected in a fraction of the time required by conventional surveying techniques, saving time and money and increasing safety.