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Property Line Surveys

Property line surveying is a highly specialized branch of the land surveying profession and has always been a main strength of HAKS’ Surveying and Mapping services. Property surveys are used to convey ownership of property and depict the limits of a particular parcel of land.ALTA/ACSM surveys are property surveys performed to a national standard. We are experts in the preparation of boundary/property line maps for private and public building sites, city blocks, local streets, highways, bridges, railways, parks and other locales, including residential and commercial developments.  Our licensed surveyors prepare survey maps for a variety of design projects with services that include metes and bounds description of a property, acquisition maps,easements and right-of-way maps.

As part of the preparation of an accurate property map, we also perform the necessary research such assecuring deeds, title information, tax maps, building department survey maps and other pertinent information.