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Utility Surveys/SUE

Utility surveys are required when there is conflicting utility information impacting design, when there are no records available or when a utility map needs updating. The performance of high-quality, accurate and safe utility surveys is an integral component of HAKS’ surveying and mapping services. The accurate location of underground utilities is critical for interference analysis for infrastructure improvement projects such as the design and construction of subways, new electric and gas mains, and sewer and water mains.  Utility surveys are also needed for private improvement projects for site connections and required upgrades.

We provide a comprehensive analysis of record information and field conditions to locate existing water, sewer, gas, steam and communication lines; underground chambers/storage tanks; subsurface disturbances; and geological anomalies.

HAKS uses state-of-the-art magnetic locators and ground penetrating radar (GPR) as part of our SUE program.  GPR is a non-destructive testing technology that provides a wide range of information about materials and potential obstructions, both underground and within structures.  We use this advanced technology for structural inspection and condition assessment;forensic analysis of bridges, tunnels, towers, balconies, slabs and other structures; to determine the thickness of asphalt, concrete and other materials; and to detect voids in concrete structures.

GPR helps locate subsurface utilities, thereby reducing the number of test pits; detects underground chambers and storage tanks; and investigates landfill sites, subsurface disturbances and geological anomalies, bedrock depth, and contaminant plumes.