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Topographic Surveys

Topographic surveying is one of our most requested surveying and mapping service.  A topographic survey serves as the basis for planning, layout and design for most civil engineering and architectural projects. It is the main element of a base map for any project and the foundation for design. Topographic maps generally depict the physical characteristics of sites, including improvements such as buildings, curbing, utilities, spot elevations and contours. Additional data can be added as required by the intent of the design.

HAKS understands the importance of this type of survey and the need for clients to expect an accurate product on a timely basis. We use conventional surveying methods with reflector-free robotic total stations, GPS, high-definition 3D laser scanning, digital levels and data collectors in the course of collecting topographic data.  We employ the latest computer applications and CAD technology to process raw data. HAKS can deliver 2D/3D topographic maps, contour maps and 3D digital terrain models, cross-sections and profile maps, GIS maps and more in any desired format.