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Value Engineering

Value engineering involves seeking to improve the overall value of a project by persistently asking, "How can this be done better?"  HAKS incorporates value engineering as a key cost-control component of all construction projects we manage.  Our value engineering and life-cycle cost analysis methods are directed at obtaining the best value for clients by reducing the overall cost of a project or more economically applying its budget while maintaining the highest quality of construction.  We conduct design reviews and construction means and methods reviews for functional improvements and alternatives analyses for cost savings.  We evaluate multiple solution options across many construction disciplines, which results in innovative and creative reappraisals of project designs and building systems.  This enables us to re-evaluate estimates and revise project budgets to reflect potential cost efficiencies and savings that can be realized by a new design concept or different way to construct the project. Clients benefit from our approach by achieving better overall project value and completing projects successfully, on time and within budget.