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Mass Transit and Railroads

Transit and rail are more important now than ever as options arise to link suburbs to city downtowns or to interconnect entire regions via railroad and bus networks.

We at HAKS understand how important mass transportation is to the nation and to the health of urban, suburban and regional economies.  And we have translated this understanding into functional systems designed, built and/or rehabilitated by our professionals.  Our expertise is based on experience with many kinds of rail systems, including commuter, urban transit, subways, light rail and high speed rail.

Our approach to transit and rail projects focuses on our clients’ specific requirements while addressing the concerns that enable a facility to serve its users effectively. HAKS understands how developers operate and routinely works side-by-side with city and state agencies to plan, design, construct, maintain, and rehabilitate all elements of the regional transportation system—stations, terminals, bus and train depots, intermodal facilities, tunnels, track, signals, yards, shops, vehicles, and ancillary facilities. Using the latest building envelope technology, we can optimize thermal, acoustic, solar, fire and lighting performance. Our experience in façade engineering enables us to provide innovative design solutions to both new and refurbishment projects.

Our teams consistently meet engineering and architectural challenges with solutions and plans that result in safe, secure, and continuous passenger activity. Our skilled professionals are able to anticipate the many technical, logistical and administrative issues that projects pose and develop and assess alternative solutions to address these issues effectively.  We understand the system architecture, interfaces and stakeholders, and manage major renovation projects in occupied facilities.

Our transit and rail projects maintain pace with technology and promote the goals and vision of our clients.