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Highways and Roadways

Transportation infrastructure—highways, roads and streets—impacts the quality of our lives every day.  HAKS has made a specialty of serving this market segment, covering every aspect of roadway transportation.  Our clients are local, state, federal and private entities.  We perform studies of how to improve safety and increase capacity and mobility; we construct, reconstruct and restore existing infrastructure; and we mitigate environmental and community impacts. 

HAKS provides engineering design, surveying and mapping, and construction management/inspection services to achieve new roadway construction, road repairs, upgrades and rehabilitation. Our REI staff routinely work in heavily traveled work zones and are familiar with complex work zone traffic control and night work for 24/7 assignments. Our comprehensive designs for new roads and streets and roadway rehabilitation are state-of-the-art, innovative and economical. Surface-related designs include roadways, paths, sidewalks, curbs, grading, street lighting, traffic signals, maintenance and protection striping and signage.

Our highway work encompasses major freeways, expressways, boulevards, local streets, rural roads, pavement and sidewalk construction and repair, roadway landscaping and much more. Our expert engineering design and construction management/inspection services deliver highway and road infrastructure projects that meet the needs of clients and stakeholders and enhance the communities they serve.