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Remediation and Site Restoration

HAKS provides effective remediation and restoration services that ensure quality results and effective environmental protection. Our experience with site restoration projects involves paint removal from structural steel and other materials, lead and asbestos abatement, high-pressure water blasting, surface preparation and rehabilitation, and other services designed and implemented to produce minimally disruptive impact and optimally restorative and protective results.

Our experience goes beyond lead paint and other material abatement procedures and includes extensive knowledge of federal, state and local environmental laws and regulations governing hazardous waste handling, removal, storage and disposal. We are also experts in air, water and soil monitoring and pollution control and reservoir sediment dredging.  HAKS’ experienced designers, engineers and field staff bring broad expertise to projects for erosion and sedimentation control.  We have the knowledgeable background and job-honed skills to secure all permits and liaise well with environmental agencies and regulators regardless of project size and scope.  We work closely with owners and clients to reduce environmental degradation and fully protect the natural landscape within and surrounding restoration and remediation sites.

Whether we are removing lead paint or other hazards, inspecting containments, testing contractor personnel, approving surface cleaning, measuring the thickness of applied coatings, inspecting air or soil quality and more, HAKS expertly and carefully monitors and manages the project to ensure that the work area is safe and secure and that all restoration and cleanup services are performed properly in full accordance with plans, specifications and regulations, and on time and within budget.