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Green Infrastructure

Urban communities across the country are turning to green infrastructure as a cost-effective, environmentally friendly solution to stormwater management. Green infrastructure includes bioswales, tree planting, green roofs, rain gardens, rain barrels, low-maintenance native planting, and permeable pavements that capture and infiltrate rain water into the ground before it enters the sewer system. In addition to reducing the volume of storm water, green infrastructure reduces the pollution loads on treatment plants.

At HAKS, our objective is to assist clients with programs that improve the urban ecology and restore the natural hydrologic cycle. Our projects employ Best Management Practices to minimize the environmental impacts of urban stormwater runoff affecting natural wetland systems. We provide design of greenstreets and right-of-way bioswales; surveying, design and construction support for relief sewers; surveying services for CSO long-term control plans; topographic surveys to calculate runoff rates; environmental permitting, design and construction management for BMP projects; construction management/inspection for new plantings and remediated wetlands; implementation of stormwater collection and treatment systems; and wetlands restoration, including retention ponds, drainage structures, and plantings.