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Bridge Inspection

HAKS' bridge inspection services include safety inspections of state, local, railroad and privately owned bridges.  We also conduct underwater inspections, mechanical and electrical inspections of movable spans, sign supports and other bridge components and structures.  Our skilled inspectors produce quality assurance inspections, bridge inspection reports, condition assessments and load rating analysis.  We also handle structural flag preparation and make repair recommendations.

An important feature of our bridge infrastructure work is biennial inspections.  We have been conducting biennial inspections of bridges for more than two decades, and have performed inspections of over 10,000 bridges throughout the Northeast U.S.  We’ve inspected many major bridges, including those in the New York area, such as the Manhattan Bridge in New York City, a high-profile project that is typical of our work.

HAKS offers many special additional inspection services that further reveal bridge conditions for a more complete appraisal to better ensure the long-term integrity and safety of any major bridge structure.  These services include the monitoring of frozen rocker bearings, ultrasonic testing of pins, strain gauging and monitoring of pier movement.

HAKS has the expertise and background to deliver a full array of bridge inspection services that ensure a thorough check of all bridge conditions that is necessary for inventory management, maintenance schedules and capital budgets.