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HAKS' involvement in the housing market encompasses public housing and private residences, single structures and large-scale developments. Our professionals support high-profile projects such as the New York City Housing Authority’s $96 million restoration project for Pomonok Houses in Queens.  Our MEP specialists install energy-efficient boilers that reduce a building’s carbon footprint, save money and promote green infrastructure.

We pride ourselves on responding to client needs, and at no time is this need greater than following a natural disaster that has destroyed coastal communities; left tens of thousands homeless; inflicted billions of dollars of infrastructure damage; and cut power to millions of homes and businesses. These are the times that city and state agencies, authorities, municipalities, and local towns and communities require engineering firms with the expertise to assist them in recovering from a catastrophic event. Time after time, HAKS has been at the forefront of this response with services that include special inspections and material testing, facility assessment, structural and MEP planning, hazard mitigation, inspection monitoring, disaster recovery funding, culvert cleaning/replacement, utility relocation, and debris removal and management.